Harkline Elvis Presley

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Our Heart Dogs, forever in our lives 
3/9/2014 to 10/8/2014
Every now and then a dog comes along that is so in tune to you that you feel you can read their thoughts and feel what they feel.  That was Elvis, he had the sweetest spirit about him and was truly a happy dog.  The day we lost him is embedded in our minds and heart.  It will always sting, but we will never forget him.

Dyna Staffs
GCHB Ch. Human Dogs Janet Jackson UWP
2/20/2009 to 4/07/2021
Jet was our first show Stafford. This sweet, beautiful, energetic girl will never be forgotten. We feel very blessed to have been able to import her from Poland. She truly changed our lives and did great things for our breed. She is the mother/grandmother to many champions. and received her bronze grand champion title in AKC. Jet, we love and miss you so much, thank you for everything you taught us and for making us fall in love with this amazing breed.